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First Love Book

Written by Ed & Debbie Zipp

  • The People, The Music and the Message of the Jesus Movement
    • First Love’ defines a time in western Christianity when the hippie culture birthed one of the greatest moves of God’s love America has seen since the Great Awakening. It gave us music that defined men and women who embraced the gospel message with their whole life—music that still echos into today’s worship culture. You will see a picture of the social issues of the day and have insight into the pioneers of Contemporary Christian Music who gave their gifts to the Lord to ‘win a few’ because it was their calling—a calling that is seeing new life in his children today.
    • Author Ed Zipp was a pioneer of the movement as well, mentoring artists, hosting new artist showcases and birthing coffee houses in Florida during the 70s.
    • ‘First Love’ features an exclusive foreword, written by Christian music icon, Chuck Girard, who was a dear friend of the author.
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