Backstage Past

Backstage Past began as a radio show about the people, the music and the message of the Jesus Movement; interviews and stories from the artists that were the pioneers of Contemporary Christian Music.  

An archive of past shows from “Backstage Past.” This radio show, lovingly produced and hosted by the late Ed Zipp, honored the music of the pioneers of Contemporary Christian Music.

Here are links to some of the shows that our good friend and pioneer Chuck Girard uploaded to Youtube.

Andrae Crouch

Janny Grine

Chuck Girard


Larry Norman

Keith Green and Jamie Owens

Playlist to more shows!


My name is Ed Zipp. Some people call me a Contemporary Christian Music historian. That simply means I know some facts and stories about the early days of what was called “Gospel Rock.” My involvement in and appreciation for Gospel Rock began in 1973 when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I was a long-haired, bearded hippie with a background as a professional body guard for rock-and-roll groups, politicians and movie stars.

After I came to know the Lord, I moved back into my parents’ home in order to make my relationship right with my family. One day I was listening to an 8-track tape of the group “Bloodrock” whose big hit was “Dead On Arrival.” My mother brought into my room two 8-track tapes of “Southern Gospel” music. I said, “Alright…some of my kind of music now.” I listened to both of the tapes in their entirety and thought, “God, if this is the kind of music I have to listen to now, I don’t know what I’m going to do.” I put back in the 8-track tape of “Bloodrock” put on my headphones, cranked the music up loud and wondered what I was going to do.

Two months later I’m attending Liberty Bible College in Pensacola, Florida. I’m passing by a room and hear what sounds like rock and roll. I stop and knock on the door. I hear Randy Foret say, “Come in.” I run into the room and ask, “What is that music?” Randy says, “That’s Gospel Rock.” I ask “Who is it?” He said, “It’s Randy Matthews.” I sat down in a chair, listening to and savoring my first experience with Gospel Rock, saying to myself: “At last, Gospel music that I can identify with and relate to.”

Through the years I’ve come to appreciate all styles of Gospel music because it’s not the style of music that causes people to have a relationship with God or even worship God, but it’s a decision on each person’s part. We worship God not because of the emotions or the tingling feeling we get but because of Who HE is.

Ed joined some of his favorite artists and authors in that beautiful Heavenly choir on January 19th, 2013. His legacy is his love and passion for the music, the people and the message of the Jesus Movement. See you here, there, or in the air!

Ed Zipp

“Being humble means realizing that you cannot do it; God can do it. Remember, it was God who saved you. The best you were going to do was go to hell. It is by God’s power that we will spend eternity in heaven. It is by man’s power he will spend eternity in hell. So, remain humble and depend on God.”

Ed Zipp

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